Southwestern Ontario Isotope Coalition

Formed in June 2023, the Southwestern Ontario Isotope Coalition is a partnership between regional leaders, including the City of Owen Sound and the Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII), in collaboration with the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC).

Through its activities, the Coalition aims to unite southwestern Ontario’s isotope community and foster future opportunities to leverage the region’s many strengths. To achieve this, the Coalition will develop a strategic plan to support expansion in the region, increase local awareness of Southwestern Ontario’s role in Canada’s isotope ecosystem, facilitate future public and private investment, and explore ways to grow the region’s role in the global supply.

What Are Isotopes?

Isotopes are generated by adding a sub-atomic particle to a stable isotope so that it becomes unstable, which allows the isotope to be useful for several different applications.

Applications of Isotopes

Many isotopes are used in the practice of medicine. Diagnostic isotopes are used to
characterize, stage, and diagnose diseases.

SOIC's Role In Isotopes

Southwestern Ontario is an important piece of Canada’s broader isotope ecosystem.
Canada has been a leader in the global supply of isotopes for several decades. A significant portion of Canada’s isotope supply comes from the province of Ontario.

Stronger Together

The Southwestern Ontario Isotope Coalition is a network of collaborative regional partners that believe in the promise and potential of the isotope sector across southwestern Ontario, leveraging the region’s many strengths. Read on to explore how we are stronger together.

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